Boo Dog Cute Wallpaper 2016

The boo dog is a spitz spitz , but in a specific breeding line developed in the United States. Despite this, more and more farmers and breeders of this line in Europe and South America there. This class is known as Lulu American line or the line “like you.

As you know, the beautiful boo has very large eyes (though sometimes in photographs are passed with photoshop), it’s pretty flat nose and has small ears. The size as an adult can vary, from kilogram to three kilos and are cortos leg.

The characteristic haircut Boo called lion style haircut. It’s very nice but we have to be very realistic about the chances of success (for the characteristics of our Lulu or the vicissitudes of canine barber or hairdresser).


Bridal Dresses Photos 2016

Marriage means a lot for many women, so the day they get married is a unique and very special day in your life, which inevitably will feel a lot of anxiety and nerves, but especially a lot of emotion. Getting married means that he has found the perfect man, who is sure to want to spend the rest of his days.

If someone you know is going through this wonderful situation, do not hesitate to send your best wishes, surely will get very happy and emotions further. If you do not have many ideas to express your sincere wishes, in this article we give some allusive phrases that you can use for these occasions. Go ahead and you will see that you will make the bride happy.


Happy New Year 2016 Wallpapers

  1. A new year is a new beginning and a thousand times to celebrate, every noble effort to crystallize your heart!
  2. Although we have lost an illusion, they come to nest new heart. Happy New Year!
  3. If the year ending brought you happiness, that the year is about to begin bring you the greatest joy … Have a happy New Year!
  4. We can not forget the mistakes, but each lesson we are filled with wisdom. That happiness await you in the year ahead!
  5. If you had only one wish to fulfill God ?, which would meet each of the good wishes of your heart in the new year!
  6. Twelve months, four seasons, a glad heart and a dreamy eyes … Happy New Year!
  7. For each day of the new year, a new craving for that fight and strive … Blessings on your new projects!
  8. May this New Year let you figure out what’s best for your life and that of your family, always valuing those who love you the most, because without them nothing would be like !. Successes and blessings for the New Year!
  9. If the year is ending left in you memories of pain, that this New Year the best moments of your life are impregnated by every dream reached! Happy New Year!
  10. I wish you the best of the years that Love, faith, generosity and health allow you to achieve what most crave. Congratulations on the year that is about to begin!
  11. Despite the grief always arise illusion, no matter the odds, always Love will prevail, that God fill you with joy this year that begins!
  12. Christmas and New Year, definitely the best times of our life memories. Each day of the New Year is a reason to smile … A very happy New Year!


Christmas Cake Wallpaper 2016

We have the most beautiful time of year and expected over Christmas. The weekend one of the desserts prepared to serve at home Christmas Eve. The black cake cake is not a typical Venezuelan. In thirty or forty years he reached the European migrations to Venezuela to stay. He adapted over time to criollo palate and today is practically synonymous with Christmas. It is a cake that lasts a long time in good condition. You can stay at room temperature for up to a month or two, with the simple care pincelarla with some wine or liquor from time to time, and lasts much longer in the well packed refrigerator. It is characterized by long maceration time they need fruits and nuts. Traditionally, they should be immersed in a bath of liquor and spices for at least two months. My maceration has waited patiently in the refrigerator one year, a common practice in many Venezuelan families. When I got to the cake – there is ritual– gave off an aroma-li-cio-so! Immediately, I again put the fruits and macerated to have it ready for next year.


Christmas Gingerbread & Decorations Wallpaper

This is one of the best-known traditional tales in America. It is a short story ideal for reading to children at Christmas and teach them that not always win.

Once upon a time, a little old woman who lived in an old house on top of a hill, surrounded by golden orchards, forests and streams. The old loved baking, Christmas Day and decided to make a gingerbread man . He was the head and body, arms and legs. He added juicy raisins for eyes and mouth, and a row in front for the buttons on his jacket. Then he put a candy for the nose. Finally, she puts it in the oven.

The story of the Gingerbread Man. Gingerbread man

Santa Claus & Christmas Ball Wallpaper

Father Christmas or Santa Claus, legendary carrying Christmas gifts, fat and jolly, white-bearded and dressed in a red suit trimmed with white, which leads through the air eight reindeer sled carrying a sack full of toys. Santa Claus, also called St. Nicholas or Santa Claus, Christmas Eve visit coming down the chimney to leave their gifts, according to legend, under theĀ Christmas tree or in stockings of all good children every home.

Christmas reindeer Wallpaper HD 2016

Surely, the more related to Christmas animal is the reindeer, but logic tells us it should be any crib. Anyway, this representative of the fauna of the Old World is a central figure in the celebration of Christmas Eve.

The reindeer is an artiodactyl mammal, ie his limbs end in pairs fingers, and belongs to the family of deer. A curious fact is that this animal is the only one in his family where both male and female have antlers, which are irregular ramifications on its head and that some of its branches are a little flattened.

Kendall Jenner Hot Pictures 2016

November 3, 1995
Los Angeles, California (United States)

Horoscope: Scorpio

Kendall (Nicole) Jenner was born on November 3, 1995 in Los Angeles, California (United States). His father is former athlete Bruce Jenner William and his mother Kristen ‘Kris’ Kardashian.

His fame came to belong to a media family, because, through his mother, is the very famous sister Mary Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian. That led him to participate in the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.

However, they are not his only brother, then, by the father, she is the sister of William Burton, Sam Brandon and Brody Jenner. The only sister with whom he shares both father and mother Kylie Jenner, who launched the clothing company ‘Kendall & Kylie’.

Grumpy Cat HD Wallpaper 2016

Grumpy Cat, the famous Internet grumpy cat, makes 100 million dollars in the past two years, according to British newspaper The Daily Express. Tabatha Bundesen, Arizona, United States, could not be happier. For her, your pet, which is actually a cat named Taking Source, is “unstoppable”.

He jumped wing fame with a YouTube video that had so far 16.7 million views. Now he is about to leave his film, “The worst Christmas grumpy cat,” the finale of two years full of advertisements, gifts and books in 15 languages, all in your face.

Christmas Wallpaper HD 2016

Christmas Wallpaper HD & Ultra Resolution 2016

You can not talk about Christmas regardless of the holidays, Christmas gifts or decoration. Despite the conflicting situations of extreme poverty and extending throughout the world, when Christmas comes optimism and hope seizes us all.

The Christmas spirit makes us feel closer to each other and regain that childlike spirit that we put aside the rest of the year. And what better way than to bring the whole family to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the arrival of Santa Claus or the Three Kings Day.